We are disordered eating and eating disorder specialists, offering online nutrition therapy to heal your relationship with food

We are a team of disordered eating experts, who take a Non-Diet and HAES approach.

We believe that everyone deserves a happy relationship with food. We believe all foods fit, and the healthiest way to eat is one that works for you.

Your relationship with food is as important (if not even more so) as the food you actually consume.

You may wonder how you will ever achieve a normal relationship with food.

We’re happy you’re here and hope you enjoy learning more about us.

Meet the founder

Hey, I'm Shannon

I built Ease Nutrition Therapy so people like you can live without negative thoughts about food, eating, and their body.

I want you to have less anxiety, fear, and discomfort with eating. I wish you could feel more easy breezy and more able to live the life you dream of.

Myself and my amazing team can help you go from food obsession and worry to food bliss.

Simply put; I know how it feels to live with disordered eating.

I’ve been there too – for many years. I struggled from a young age with cycles of restriction, purging, and binge eating.

Followed by “pseudo-recovery” which involved lots of clean eating, a long stint at eating only plant based, being gluten free (and most things free), paleo, keto, food combining, eating in line with Auveryedia, low-carb, high-carb, raw till 4. You know it? I’ve probably dabbled.

When I qualified as a nutritionist, it felt like my duty to give people like you the support I wish I had.

I wish someone would just tell me what to eat! By the time I graduated my Masters in Nutrition, my relationship to food was in a really great place. And I knew my true calling was to help people with their relationship to food, not just giving them more rules.

I then trained in counselling and psychotherapy, and gained lots of additional training in eating disorders and body image to help my future clients best.

Like most people we work with, my road to recovery was long & tough.

I saw many clinicians: therapists, dietitians, nutritionists, coaches. Some didn’t understand the food side of things. And others didn’t understand the emotional + mental health side of things. All the options for support were really disjoined + like they were missing something.

All the while, my health was terrible not just in my eating disorder. But in my digestion and menstrual health too. I had horrendous IBS for many years, and my period was all over the place.

I knew I needed to create support that felt whole. Support that gave the food/nutrition side AND the emotional side. Support that understand that my disordered eating wasn’t just me trying to “be healthy” – it was a coping mechanism for things that happened in my life. But, it was ALSO a condition of the world we live in. AKA a world that is image-focused + encourages disordered eating.

As you can see, I’ve put a lot of years of thought into this!

Throughout my recovery from disordered eating + poor mental health, I wished I had someone who understood how my eating disorder behaviours weaved into all areas of my life. But I also wanted someone who was invested in my physical well-being. I felt like therapy was all about talking, with no action.

I wanted someone to fully support me in moving forward. That’s how my passion for helping others with a tough relationship to food began.

It’s what lead to this clinic that is now Ease Nutrition Therapy.

It started out as just me, but now I have a team. This includes two other clinicians to see clients, Tiuka and Kacie. They are wonderful additions and support our clients just how I would.

Meet our team: the inside scoop!

Meet the team

Shannon (she/her) - founder , lead nutrition counsellor, eating disorder recovery coach

Hey there - I’m Shannon. I love with the easy breezy things in life: being at the beach, relaxing with a coffee, reading, lying down.... I'm obsessed with my beautiful tuxedo cat, Lily. I’m Scottish - currently, I'm living in Aberdeen, on the North East coast. I'm a water baby -- I love being by the beach, coast, or any body of water really. I’ve been a Swiftie since 2008 - I hit up Taylor Swift club nights on the reg. I'm an older sister and I fit most of the stereotypes! I have too many favourite foods to name just one. Sushi, pizza, cheese, mezze, rice dishes, sandwiches, chocolate, dumplings, fried pizza… My final meal on earth would be a platter of all my favourite things. Clique self-care is my favourite - a bubble bath, a hair mask, getting my nails done, candles - dream! I wish I could listen to podcasts 24/7. I love listening to celebrity gossip, friends chatting, and sports podcasts. I'm a huge tennis fan -- I love to play and watch. My ideal relaxed Sunday is playing tennis and grabbing a coffee and cake on the way home. It’s so cool that you’re here, reading our/my website! I feel super privileged that I can help people as my job.


  • MSc Human Nutrition: University of Aberdeen
  • BSc (Hons) Biology: University of Stirling

Courses and training:

  • Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders
  • Body Image Healing for Clinicians
  • Level 2 in Counselling – accredited by COSCA
  • Level 4 in Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited by ACCPH
  • Applying Non-Diet Approaches – London Centre for Intuitive Eating
  • CBT-E for Eating Disorders from CREDO University of Oxford
  • EDIT Eating disorder Recovery Coach
  • Intuitive Eating for Professionals – The Original Intuitive Eating Pros
  • Binge Eating Disorder Management for Nutrition Professionals
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Somatic therapies for disordered eating
  • Experienced in supporting those with PCOS, endometriosis, hypothalamic amenorrhea, fertility troubles, and PMS
  • Experienced in working with those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and gut problems
  • PCOS for Professionals – The PCOS Collective
  • Gut conditions in eating disorders and disordered eating

Shannon has four years of helping people 1-1 with disordered eating and related conditions/needs. She is a well-known clinician in the field, hosts a well-loved podcast, guests on established podcasts and websites, and appears often in media.

  • Registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN)
  • Registered as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with the Association of Coaches, Counsellors, and Psychotherapists (MACCPH)
  • Certified as an EDIT eating disorders recovery coach
  • Member of EDRD Pro (Eating Disorders Registered Dietitians and Professionals), ASDAH (Association of Size Diversity and Health), WIND (Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics)

Honestly, I’m pretty much an all-rounder! I’ve supported all types of relationships with food.

I’m a perfect fit for you if you want a counselling approach, rather than a more “traditional nutritionist.” I’m really into digging down and helping my clients get to the root of their disordered eating.

I’m based in the UK, GMT time zone. I see clients on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from around 10am to 4pm. Currently, I have various times available.

Tiluka (she/her) - eating disorders dietitian

Hi, I'm Tiluka. I'm an eating disorders dietitian who helps people heal their relationship to food. I believe in a holistic approach; combining somatic exercises to have a good relationship to food. I'm also a yoga teacher and love guiding people to a happy relationship to movement. I work in eating disorders services in the NHS, so I have lots of experience supporting all types of eating disorders and disordered eating. During my spare time, I love cooking and baking, crafting projects, and being in nature.


  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics: Coventry University

Courses and trainings:

  • Registered 200hr Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance
  • Applying Non-Diet Approaches – London Centre for Intuitive Eating

Tiluka works in the UKs national health service, supporting patients with eating disorders. She is part of the team at Steps First ED, a Derbyshire eating disorder charity.

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Member of the BDA (British Dietetic Association)
  • Registered with the HCPC (Health Care Professional Council)
  • Befriender, 1-1 nutrition counselling, and trainer at Steps First ED

I enjoy supporting those looking for help with binge eating and emotional eating. I am a holistic dietitian, so I take a whole-person approach.

I’m based in the UK, GMT time zone. I’m available after 5pm or all day on a Friday. Currently, I have various times available.

toni rudd, ED dietitian

Toni (she/her) - eating disorders dietitian

My name is Toni (she/her) and I’m a UK HCPC registered online dietitian helping women recover their elationship with food. After years of living in an endless cycle of dieting and binge eating, I am on a mission to help you embrace a balanced and sustainable approach to your relationship with food! It’s time for you to stop feeling guilty and shame about food! Toni is passionate about supporting people to achieve a truly healthy relationship with food and body acceptance, by healing their relationship with food and body by establishing sustainable, health-promoting behaviours for life. Toni was motivated to specialise in eating disorders and intuitive eating after her own experience growing up around diet culture as a young dancer. She understands how overwhelming it can be to stop dieting and in her 20s, struggled with her own body image and disordered eating. Toni believes that recovery from an eating disorder/disordered eating isn't a one size fits all approach. Her style is compassionate, realistic and personal to suit the needs of the individual, preferences and lifestyle. She uses a Health-at-Every-Size and non-diet system to support people in overcoming rigid food rules and food anxiety. When Toni isn't working, you can find her walking her dog, listening to podcasts, paddle boarding, planning holidays and researching the next restaurant she wants to try.


  • BSc Dietetics: Leeds University

Courses and trainings:

  • Applying Non-Diet Approaches – London Centre for Intuitive Eating
  • Body Image Healing for Clinicians
  • Binge Eating Disorder Treatment & Management for Dietitians (EDRD Pro)
  • PCOS for Professionals – The PCOS Collective
  • Batchelor’s Degree in Dietetics

  • Mental Health (British Dietetics Association)

  • Eating Disorders (British Dietetics Association)

  • Advanced Behaviour Change Skills 

  • Trauma-Informed Care

    Applying Intuitive Eating & The Non-Diet Approach (London Center for Intuitive Eating)

  • Gut Management in Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Member of the BDA (British Dietetic Association)
  • Registered with the HCPC (Health Care Professional Council)

I support all relationships with food. I’m most experienced in helping those who struggle with binge eating and emotional eating. But I have supported many with restrictive eating and bulimia too.

I am based in Peru, EST time zone. I am flexible, and have various times available.

Kacie (she/her) - disordered eating nutritionist

Hello! I'm Kacie. I'm all about helping you focus on what you can gain from food and movement, not what you can lose. I'm a personal trainer as well as a nutritionist - I was trained in a weight-focused way. Throughout my development, I've realised this is not the way to a healthy mindset with food. That's why I'm so passionate about helping those with disordered eating. Outside of work, I love being active, hiking, and hunting for breakfast pastries.


  • MSc Nutrition: London Metropolitan University
  • BSc Biology: Royal Veterinary College

Courses and trainings:

  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Registered 200hr Yoga Teacher
  • Applying Non-Diet Approaches – London Centre for Intuitive Eating
  • Intuitive Eating for Professionals – The Original Intuitive Eating Pros
  • Binge Eating Disorder Management for Nutrition Professionals

Kacie has been on multiple episodes of The Ease With Food Podcast: Intuitive Eating Q and A, Joyful Movement and your health

  • Registered with the Association for Nutrition
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Personal trainer
  • Martial arts instructor

Our philosophy when it comes to supporting you

Non-Diet, weight-inclusive   

Honest and transparent

You’re the expert of you

Anti-hustle culture


Ongoing training, development, and constant reflection

What our clients say about support with us

All of these clients received 1:1 nutrition therapy, our personalised and most transformative option

“She has really helped me to get to a place which I did not think was possible. 

I have been able to identify and eradicate many of my restrictive behaviours, some of which were on a deep, subconscious level”

Jac |

Supported for 9 months with bulimia

“I have been binge free for 2 full months! Crucially, this “binge free” time has meant I’m actually feeding and fuelling my body, but also enjoying all the foods I’ve avoided since I was a teenager.”

Jodie |

Supported for 6 months for binge eating

“I was struggling with making myself sick. Shannon gave me so much help by being gentle yet motivating. Weekly counselling really transformed me and helped me fully recover”

Erica |

Supported for 10 months for restriction and purging

A grey sofa in a therapy office, depicting our virtual office

Let's work together to heal your relationship to food

Having the courage to about eating disorder and disordered eating support can be really scary, overwhelming, and uncertain. Or maybe it feels exciting like it’s finally time.

You might be hesitant about reaching out – maybe you feel like your relationship with food is “fine!” or that you might wait a while before getting help.

We can support you no matter what stage you’re at.

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