Get in touch with us to discuss support for your eating disorder or disordered eating

How to start your support journey

If you’re looking for support with your relationship with food, please fill in the application form.
Shannon will get back to you within one working day.
If you like, you can go straight ahead and book an initial appointment or a free clarity call.
You will find all the details about 1:1 nutrition therapy here.

Complete an application form

Questions you might have about disordered eating support

If you submit a contact form, Shannon will reply to you by email. She will let you know if we sound like the right support for you, and answer any questions you asked.

She will then offer you to book an initial appointment or a free clarity call.

If you go straight to booking an initial appointment or a free clarity call, you will receive a confirmation email and some forms if you booked an initial appointment.

An initial appointment is you diving straight into support. A free clarity call is a chance for you to speak with Shannon before booking anything.

What do we recommend? It’s up to you. If you know you want to work with us, then we recommend booking an initial appointment straight away. If you’re not fully sure, then book a free clarity call.

We call them “clarity calls” because they give you clarity if we’re the right fit. We don’t work with everyone who gets in touch, because we prioritise support for perfect fits.

Make sure before booking you have read how support works, including fees.

Please note: the free clarity calls are not for advice or support, they are 10-minute calls to connect briefly.

Of course. Submit a contact form using the form above. Shannon will get back to you within one working day.

Of course not. We have people getting in touch all the time to explore their options via the contact form.

If you book an initial appointment or free clarity call, we do ask you’re pretty sure about support. This is because we expect you will be respectful of our time and others who need support.

We do expect that if you book a free clarity call that you are interested in support.

If you are looking for advice or support, you need to be a 1:1 client. This is in line with our professional standards – we can’t support you without knowing you properly.

The free call is to hear more about you, make sure you’re a good fit, and for Shannon to recommend your next steps.


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