How to start your support journey

Support starts with a 30-minute Clarity Call with me. This acts as a “are we the perfect fit?” assessment call. I recommend booking this call to get started. Book your Clairty Call now. 
You can email or use the contact form if you have any specific questions before you book.
You will find all the details about 1:1 nutrition therapy here.

Brands + companies

I love working with brands and other businesses. Please contact business support at info @ to discuss collaborations/work.

Contact form

If you are enquiring about working together, you can book your Clarity Call here. Please use this contact form if you have specific questions you need answered. We can also cover this in the Clarity Call.

Questions you might have about disordered eating support

If you submit a contact form, I will reply to you by email. I will let you know if we sound like the right support for you, and answer any questions you asked.

The next step is a Clarity Call – this is a 30-minute connection call and acts as an assessment so we know we’re a perfect fit.

Of course. Submit a contact form using the form above. Shannon will get back to you within one working day.

If the question is simply “can you help me?” the answer 99% of the time is yes. The best way to get to know each other is with a Clarity Call.

I don’t offer free calls, all 1-1 appointments are paid. Either £50 for an initial 30-min connection call, or £110 for a full therapy hour.

You can ask me any questions via email, which I will answer ASAP. If you’re wondering “can you help me?” – the answer is yes, absolutrly (99% of the time)

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