10 reasons why you’re hungry after eating

Do you ever feel like you’re still hungry even after eating a good sized portion of food? If so, it’s more common than you may think. 

In this blog, I’m going to tell you a few reasons why you may still be feeling like you have an empty stomach after eating and some ways to help with this.

Why does it happen?

It’s sometimes typical to feel hungry and unsatisfied after a meal. Nonetheless, it can be annoying and confusing at times. 

You may still feel like your stomach is empty after eating for a number of reasons. The possibilities include things like the kinds of foods you eat and how much you eat, but it also take medications and any side effects into account.

The following is a few of the possible causes of post-meal hunger:

1. You’re simply not eating enough

One of the main causes of feeling hungry after eating is simply because you’re not eating enough. Try increasing your portion sizes a bit or opting for foods that make you feel full for longer such as meals with more fats or protein.

2. You’re eating too fast 

Eating your food too quickly may be another reason as to why you’re still feeling hungry afterwards. Eating too fast and then not giving your body time to feel full can be the cause of this. Slowing down how fast you eat can give your body time to send signals to your brain that cause you to feel full.

3. Not enough volume

Foods that don’t make you feel super full but bring volume might be helpful. Foods such as fruits and vegetables might be helpful. Meals will last longer, and you might feel more satsifying too – especially if fruits and vegetables have flavour with them.

4. Too much volume

Eating low-calorie foods or “air foods” can make you feel hungry soon after eating. This is simply because you are not eating the adequate amount of energy that your body needs. Make sure to include a mix of all food groups – starchy carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fruit/vegetables in your meals.

The same goes for chugging water. It’s not going to stop you being hungry. It’s just going to make you feel a bit sick from chugging so much.

5. Medical conditions

My clients with certain medical conditions find themselves hungrier. Especially if you have something like PCOS or thyroid problems.

Medications might also impact your appetite too.

6. Emotions

If you feel like a bottomless pit, it might be your brain and body’s way of coping with stress or other emotions. Especially if you’re avoiding the emotions – they need to come out in some way, right?

7. You need something sweet

You may always feel like you need to have something sweet straight after you eat a meal or snack, this in turn might be making you feel hungrier even though you’re not. Perhaps rounding your meals off with something sweet could be worth a try?

8. Your activity levels

If you’ve been moving your body more, you need to eat more. Otherwise, your body will go into a deficit. And that deficit will lead to long-term energy debt – which will come back as wild hunger in the future.

9. Renouishing after restriction

If you’re recovering from disordered eating, you will need to eat more. This includes if you aren’t “underweight” or if you never lost weight due to disordered eating. It’s perfectly normal (and simply survival) to be hungrier in recovery. Ride it out: it will settle once your body feels safer.

10. You need more satisfaction

And I don’t just mean from food. Many of my clients who constantly feel insatiable hunger often need to add stuff to their life. That might be more food, hobbies, enjoyment, socialising, or connection. Is there anything you could add to be more satisfied?

Main takeaways

The first rememdy is always to add more food and make sure you’re eating regularly.

You can then focus on specific food groups.

After that, you can rule out any medical conditions or medications.

Then you can look at how you eat might be impacting your hunger.

If you try all of the above and nothing helps, reach out to me and my team for 1-1 support.

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