Take charge of your disordered eating with 1-1 nutrition therapy

We are a small but mighty team of eating disorders and disordered eating specialists. We offer 1-1 nutrition therapy to help you heal your relationship to food and your body.

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Life-changing 1-1 nutrition therapy

Is this what you're searching for?

Sounds all too familiar, right?

  • You’re constantly thinking about food and eating.

  • You want to nourish your body and feel good. But you’re also pretty stuck in your current behaviours and mindset.

  • You want to eat normally. But that is so far out of reach right now – you need help to know when, what, and how much to eat

  • You have so much of your life together, but the food is the one thing you can’t get right.

  • You often feel like hiding away from the world because you don’t want people to see you.

It doesn't have to be this way...

You’re hesistant, you’re scared of changing.

But this isn’t working.

You deserve to heal from disordered eating.

It won’t only impact food, eating, and how you feel about your body…

It will transform your whole life.

Lives truly change with nutrition therapy

How could your life change?

  • A new career, business, or study? Promotions and excelling at work? You finally have the energy + brain space to do that!
  • A holiday can be a proper holiday. No more counting calories and stressing before going away. No more saying “f**k it” or over-stuffing yourself when you’re away + feeling rubbish when you get home.
  • You could have more brain space for hobbies, interests, and fun. You can finally have the weekends you dream of – no more weekends spent consumed by food thoughts.
  • No more guilt or making up for food after lunches, holiday meals, and celebrations. You’re finally the main character in your own life.
  • You have the energy and patience to communicate and spend real quality time with your loved ones.
  • Regaining your health after years of feeling low energy, moody, or lifeless.

Your life can simply be yours again…

1-1 support details

What can I support you with?

Myself and the team support those overcoming eating disorders, disordered eating, or those simply feeling lost with food. 

From restricting, purging, binge eating, to anything in between. We are a team of highly experienced clinicians, ready to give you the support you need to heal.

You don’t need a specific problem, be diagnosed with an eating disorder, or meet specific criteria. We believe in a person-centred approach; you don’t need to fit any boxes for us to help you.

We support anyone who:

> Is struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating, such as:

    • Restriction, such as anorexia or orthorexia
    • Purging, such as bulimia
    • Binge eating, overeating, emotional eating

> Wants to heal their relationship to food, body image, or exercise.

We are trained and able to help with any co-occurring needs too. Including:

  • Gut problems associated with disordered eating, such as constipation, diarrhoea, bloating
  • Women’s health conditions, such as PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrhea (period loss)

There’s a big link between physical + mental health conditions and disordered eating. We promise to be transparent about what we can help you with. We’ve supported lots of different health conditions and want you to have the best care.

What specifics can nutrition therapy help with for disordered eating?

We have supported 100s of people (Shannon has helped 300 and counting!) 

The core aim of nutrition therapy is to break down the things causing a difficult relationship with food and build a new way of eating and being with food. It’s all about re-learning to nourish your body, have clarity in your eating, let go of unhelpful behaviours, and leave behind old mindsets.

You might feel hesitant, or scared, or that things need to feel 100% perfect before taking this step. There’s no rush to make any changes. We have clients who simply want a safe place to process and reflect on their relationship with food.

What happens in appointments?

Appointments with us are both talking and practical. Since we’re person-centred, we don’t have an agenda of what we should cover every appointment – that wouldn’t really make sense.

We work together to solve your problems, with practical solutions and process your emotions. We reflect on what might be happening on a deeper level; so you can understand yourself more. 

Your clinician offers advice, education, validation, and an ongoing safe space for whatever you need.

What have we helped people with in the past?

Of course, you know that everyone is unique.

A few of the areas we’ve supported clients with include:

  • How to stop feeling obsessed with food
  • Understanding and solving the physical symptoms you’re having – e.g. digestive troubles, tiredness, fatigue
  • Breaking free from binging, overeating, or emotional eating
  • How to stop eating when you’re full
  • How to reduce purging and thinking about purging
  • Coming up with meal and snack ideas, in line with your stage of recovery and health needs
  • Processing your relationship to exercise, laxatives, purging, or restriction
  • Dealing with the fear of weight gain + how to feel better about your body
  • Coping with your cravings and stopping feeling like a food/sugar addict
  • Simply, regaining your life back after years of disordered eating

Below are some areas and pillars we often support and work on clients with.

Think of it as an insight into our (virtual) clinic room…

An insight into clinic appointments


We work with you to assess your nutritional needs for optimum well-being. We like to use a framework called RAVES to help re-nourish you after disordered eating. This starts with regularity and adequacy, then variety, then social eating and spontaneity. It's a really effective way to visualise the nutrition side of recovery. For some, this might mean weight restoration (please note: we don't support anyone who is medically unstable, as we are a fully virtual clinic).

Reducing disordered eating behaviours, at your pace

We use our clinical training and experience to help you move away from disordered eating behaviours. During this, we challenge what keeps you stuck, and build a new mindset and new behaviours. We take things at your pace, and use a harm reduction model - this is the approach that your disordered eating behaviours are a symptom of something deeper, and "forcing" you to stop certain things without proper coping skills in place might be just as harmful.

Education and understanding you more

Most of our clients come with 1000 questions: we're here to answer them. While we don't want appointments to be an episode of Mastermind disordered eating edition, we give space to "teach" you anything that would be helpful. No, we don't dish out nutrition facts constantly. It's more to help you with understand your health, psychology, and physiology.

Processing and unpacking

"Feel, Process, Deal" could be a mantra here. We work with you to unpack what's going on for you, before trying to fix things. Your disordered eating has deep roots; simply dishing out quick fixes without doing the deeper work just won't work long term. Working with us means really processing and unpacking things, so you can heal for the long term.

Emotional coping skills and strategies

Coping skills are central to disordered eating and eating disorder recovery. They are skills you develop to not engage in unhelpful behaviours, such as restricting, purging, binging, or upsetting thoughts about food and your body.

Making peace with foods, food exposures, and neutralising trigger foods

We work on debunking, challenging, and reframing negative thoughts about foods. We can also work on exposure to fear foods if that's what you need in your recovery. We also work on neutralising foods that you often restrict, binge, feel bad about, or binge-purge on.

Medical nutrition therapy

Support for any health conditions, niggles, or needs. While we're disordered eating specialists, we are trained to support other needs.

This includes women's health conditions and concerns, hypothalamic amenorrhea (period loss), gut health and digestive problems, heart health, sports nutrition (we're not sports nutrition experts, but we have supported lots of athletes) and metabolic conditions.

Planning, scheduling, and logistics

We can help you with any sort of planning of food: deciding on meal and snack ideas, coming up with a structure and routine, and planning when to eat. Anything and anything to do with food planning and logistics, we've done it all.

1-1 support details

How it works with an online eating disorders + disordered eating clinic

The logistics of support are pretty straight forward.

We connect to make sure we’re a good fit and that we can support your needs. Then we have regular support until you don’t need it anymore.

Some clients are sure we’re a good fit and book an initial 50-minute appointment with Shannon. You can choose what works best for you.

See below the three steps to support.

Step 1:

Make contact with one of these options, whatever feels right to you:

  • Contact us via the application form or by email
  • Book into Shannon’s diary for an initial 30-minute Clarity Call

Please make sure to read the details of support at the bottom of this page before getting in touch.

Step 2:

You have your first appointment!

This is about getting to know you, your history, and your intentions for support.

It’s normal to feel nervous or apprehensive – but we take things at your pace.

Step 3:

You will have regular appointments with your clinician. ​

The frequency of appointments depends on your needs. Most would benefit from weekly support in the beginning, so that’s what we recommend if that’s possible for you.

We can discuss the logistics and frequency on your Clairty Call or by email.

We don’t offer monthly appointments for new clients, as from experience this is far too long between and is not effective. ​

We’ll work together until support is reduced or ended.

You are always welcome to return to support whenever you need it.

The bottom line - what's included in support and pricing:

  • 50-minute nutrition counselling appointments, via Zoom
  • Outside appointment support on email + Voxer
  • Access to all resources and any we create in our time together


2024 clinic pricing:

Appointments cost £110 per appointment [50-mins]

Clarity Calls cost £50

We recommend starting with weekly support and reducing as you need. We usually begin with an initial appointment to make sure we’re a good fit.


Questions you might have:

That’s fine, you can do that. We do this with everyone anyways, to make sure we’re a good fit.

Clarity Calls are the perfect option. 

Living with an eating disorder or disordered eating is not truly living. We know that you might feel resistant, like it’s not the right time. But there’s no one out there who regrets healing their relationship to food. And hey, maybe it’s truly not the right time – that’s ok, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

YES. Many of our clients are more in a contemplation stage. They are not ready to let go of their disordered eating behaviours yet, but they want to feel supported. 

We meet you where you are.

  • £50 for an Initial Clarity Call
  • £110 per therapy hour (50-60 mins) and £60 per 30-minute appointment

That means support costs around £120-440 per month depending on what you want/need.

I know, quite a big range right?

That’s because I offer support based on what’s right for you. Hence, Clarity Calls are important.

I require a 3-month commitment after your Clarity Calls unless we decide otherwise.

I totally understand this question.

I offered free calls for 4 years but I found them unproductive and honestly, it was tough for me. I connected with SO many people (like, 100s) and never heard from them again. It was really difficult for my nervous system, so I don’t offer free calls anymore.

I know this is different from other therapists, who do offer free calls.

I have spent years creating free resources so you can benefit from my work. And you’re more than welcome to email me support questions.

The best way to connect about working together is with a Clarity Call.


I wrote on Instagram about this decision not to offer free calls here.

Your counselling or therapy in the past might have “just be talking.” Don’t get us wrong, talking is wonderful and can be healing. 

At Ease Nutrition Therapy, we believe that at some point – you need to take action. Of course, this is at your own pace and when it’s right for you.

But, to really heal, you need to be moving forward. We are person-centred nutrition counsellors. This means we combine counselling and practical nutrition/lifestyle support. We like to say that we give the best of both worlds – a place to be and a place to do.

Yes, of course. Lots of our clients have been from the US and everywhere worldwide.

We’re based in the UK, so you just need to be able to meet during the GMT time zone.

Please note we don’t accept insurance.

No way! Make sure you run away from any professionals who do. No one can guarantee this. What we can say is that you will gain coping tools, education, and steps to heal your relationship to food.

Our support isn’t a weight loss programme. We are weight-inclusive and non-diet clinicians, so we don’t support intentional weight loss. 

We make no guarantees or wishes for weight loss.

There’s no way to know for sure. I tend to work with people for 3-9 months +.

I don’t have capacity for reduced support fees at the moment. You can check out our on-demand resources for more support options.

We get that. You don’t need to go ahead with anything you don’t want to. But you’ve tried everything on your own, and that didn’t work. Why not take a step forward with us? Check out the kind words from previous clients here.

Of course, it sounds like you would benefit from a few appointments.

If you’re in a good place and need some clarity on a few things, we can help. We like to have an initial appointment to get to know you more and discuss your needs. We can then go from there to figure out what you need (e.g. further appointments, guidance)

You can get in touch to begin support.

This is a great question. Intuitive Eating coaching has become very popular. But Intuitive Eating on it’s own is not a remedy for disordered eating and eating disorder recovery.

All our clinicians are degree-educated nutritionists or dietitians – which means we can give credible, qualified nutrition advice.

An Intuitive Eating coach follows the framework of Intuitive Eating, but cannot provide dietary support, nutrition therapy, or mental health support. They might be someone with no background in mental health or wellbeing.

Some of our clinicians (like our founder, Shannon) are also trained in counselling – which means we are uniquely equipped to help you and your relationship with food.

Shannon is training to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. We use the Intuitive Eating framework to support our clients, but it’s simply one tool in our helping toolkit.

We’re 99% virtual. Shannon is currently based in Aberdeen, UK and could see you in person in the city centre. 

Nutrition therapy isn’t a dress you buy to try on at home. Our team are fully trained professionals who have helped many recover their relationship to food. “Not liking it” is more about the fit of support. We offer free clarity calls to make sure we’re a good fit before you pay for anything.

All conditions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We are experienced in supporting PCOS, endometriosis, IBS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD, and many other conditions. Unless there’s a need for daily medical monitoring, it will likely be totally ok if you have any medical conditions.

Meal plans are common in eating disorder recovery – they’re part of re-nourishment. A meal plan might be needed for some clients. We have clients who need structure and support to meet their nourishment needs.​ We assess needs and wants on an individual basis, and do what’s rest for you.

If you’re absolutely against a meal plan, and you’re medically safe, we never push one on you.

Some clients may be eating by a meal plan or something similar to a meal plan (e.g. a scheduled feeding pattern) if they are in need of weight restoration.

Please note: we’re a virtual outpatient clinic so we don’t support anyone who is medically unstable, or in need of renourishment that’s more appropriate for in-patient support.

Ultimately meal plans are a temporary way of ensuring you’re nourished, but we encourage spontaneity and variety as support progresses.

Some of our clients need to be regularly weighed. But some don’t. Weight is only one small part of recovery. This is more for medical monitoring, to ensure you’re medically safe. We don’t push weighing on you and don’t believe you need to assess or monitor your weight.

As for before and after photos. This is more the style of a weight loss programme, which isn’t what nutrition therapy is for.

We believe that before and after photos are mostly for the benefit of the professional (think “body transformation coaches”). We don’t need or want to “parade” your journey to anyone.

Get in touch and we can chat if this is the right fit. You will never know something’s right for you until you dive in.

Need more clarity that 1-1 nutrition therapy is right for you?

You can get in touch with Shannon anytime by email (shannon @ easenutritiontherapy.com) or book a clarity call to connect.

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