The Ease With Food Podcast brings you the scoop on all things eating disorder and disordered eating recovery.

You will find all things related to eating disorder recovery, lifestyle, honest health and wellness, and beyond. Join your host, Shannon Western, founder of Ease Nutrition Therapy. Ease Nutrition Therapy is an expert eating disorders, disordered eating, and weight-inclusive care clinic.

Get your ears ready, and become more at ease with food.

The podcast is available on all podcast platforms.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Shannon welcomes questions or topic suggestions. Please email her on shannon @ with the subject “podcast” to make your suggestions.

Disclaimer: This eating disorder recovery + disordered eating podcast is not a substitute for 1-1 medical, therapy, nutritional, or well-being support. Shannon and Ease Nutrition Therapy can not provide individualised care via the podcast episodes. You can get in touch to book an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

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