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Eating for Eating Disorder Recovery Guide

Eating disorder recovery requires specialist support.

However, the foundations of nutrition and eating in eating disorder recovery is something that fits nicely into a guide. So that’s what we did.

Our “eating for eating disorder recovery guide” is a 20-page guide filled with information about nutrition, portioning, plating, and meal/snack ideas.

We don't recommend this guide if:

  • You’re in need of 1:1 support for your eating disorder.

  • If you are in need of the mental side of recovery, and you don’t have support from a nutrition counsellor or therapist.

  • You need to restore weight. This is not a weight-restoration guide. Weight restoration requires individualised care, including with an eating disorders dietitian or nutritionist.

  • Reading about nutrition would not be helpful. Or if it would be harmful to your recovery.

  • You already know everything about nutrition – this isn’t an educational course on nutrition. This guide is a comprehensive overview of everything we feel you should know about nutrition in recovery.

Does 1-1 support make more sense for you?

Guides are great. But they can’t replace individualised support. 

You can read about 1-1 nutrition therapy with us whenever you’re ready.

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