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Seven steps to overcoming disordered eating guide

I’m thrilled to introduce you to this guide. 

Struggling with disordered eating? This mini-guide offers seven straightforward steps to healing.

Inspired by 100s of hours of working with my 1-1 clients, the guide is ready to help you too!

It’s for you if:

Meet the creator of this guide:

Hey, I’m Shannon. I’m a nutritionist, therapist, and eating disorder recovery coach.

I founded Ease Nutrition Therapy to create a healing space that centres around a healthy relationship with food.

I have a wonderful team and together we work 1-1 with clients, create articles and resources, and host a weekly podcast.

Shannon is a nutritionist, therapist, and eating disorder recovery coach

I created this guide because:

  • You can read seven key steps I support my 1-1 clients with
  • You can access this guide for £2.99 – incredible value!
  • It’s perfect to give you clarity on how your recovery from disordered eating could/will look

Does 1-1 support make more sense?

Guides are great. But they can’t replace individualised support. 

You can read about 1-1 nutrition therapy whenever you’re ready.

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