Finally: A healthy relationship to food is possible.

I’m Shannon Western, founder of Ease Nutrition Therapy.

I’m a nutrition counsellor and eating disorder recovery coach.

I’ve been supporting people to heal their relationship with food for the last 3+ years.

I now have a small team, including two other nutrition counsellors.

You're right where you need to be...

Shannon and the team are here to help you build an easy breezy relationship with food.

You’ve spent a long time struggling – you need relief!

You might feel apprehensive or that you don’t know what your next step is.

Below you’ll find all the ways we can help you. We primarily help through 1-1 nutrition therapy support, and we have a few on-demand resources too.

Enjoy exploring, and speak soon…

Everything we offer to help you

In this section, you will find all the ways we can support you.

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The main way we support you to a healthy relationship with food. This is perfect for anyone who wants 1-1 personalised help.

We support all types of disordered eating.

1-1 support >>

This low-cost guide is a best-seller!

Our eating in eating disorder recovery guide is a 20-page guide filled with information about nutrition, portioning, plating, and meal/snack ideas

Made for you, by our team of eating disorder experts

It aims to bring you clarity on what meals and snacks look like in eating disorder recovery.

Explore the guide >>

Shannon hosts an eating disorder recovery podcast.

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Listen on this site >>

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It’s a round-up of the resources we’ve created or that our clients have found helpful 🫶

We send it out at the end of every month, usually the final day

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Take time to reflect on how dieting + restricting have impacted your life. 

This worksheet will be a reminder you can hold on to, it whenever you need it.

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We publish at least two blogs per month. These are designed to give you all the information on topics we know you’re looking for.

Explore blogs >>

Designed for those struggling with binge eating.

We created created a check-list that you can use to guide yourself to a binge-free day.

The idea is that over time, you’ll naturally “check” the boxes and beat binge eating for good.

The checklist includes 8 keys we work on with our 1-1 nutrition therapy clients.

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Recent blogs to help you with disordered eating​

What clients say about working with us

PS. this page is inspired by Alex Okell and Elizabeth Goggard’s “everything page”

Ready to change your life?

Be at ease with food. Make peace with your body. Be at one with your life. Heal from disordered eating, finally.

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