5 Ways to Finally Stop Body-Checking

Are you finding yourself in front of the mirror, checking how you look? Are you weighing yourself mutiple times a day? Or pinching at the skin on your arms or stomach?

You’re body checking – one of the most common presentations of a poor relationship with your body.

In this blog, I explain exaclt yhwat body checking is and give you 6 ways to stop.

What is body checking?

Body checking is when you repeatedly check your appearance in some way. It be might your weight, size, shape, or something specific about how you look.

Common behaviours that are body checking are weighing yourself, analysing your body in the mirror, measuring yourself with a tape measure, or pulling at fat/skin. There are so many more ways too.

The purpose of body checking is to make sure you’ve not changed or to see if you’ve become smaller. You know that you don’t change much day to day, but you find yourself checking. Some people body check for hours at a time, or for years in total.

Body checking is one of the most difficult habits to break. And it is very much like a habit – it becomes engrained and is very hard to stop.

Not only is body checking upsetting and makes you anxious, it also makes you more likely to engage in disordered behaviours. So it’s one of those vicious cycles.

How to stop body checking

I’m sure you already knew what body checking was. What you *really* want is how to stop. 

Let’s dive into 6 ways to stop.

Remove the tools

Simply remove the tools you use to body-check. Scales, full-length mirrors, tape, clothes – get rid of them. I know it’s easier said than done, but going cold turkey works for many to just stop.

Social media clear-out

Unfollow accounts that make you compare. Again, it sounds simple. Add in other body sizes too, including bodies much larger than yours. This helps your brain see “huh bodies are different and they change too”

Words of affirmation

Affirmations could be helpful. Create one that aligns with you, such as: “my worth isn’t what my body looks like” or “my body changes, but who I am inside doesn’t”

Pause and reflect before body checking

When you get the urge to check, hit PAUSE. Check-in with what’s really going on. Are you tired, upset, feeling vulnerable, too full?


If body checking is just a habit you’ve fallen into, replace it with something else. After around a month of not doing it, hopefully, you can let go and not do it anymore.


I’ve helped so many stop body-checking and build a better relationship with their body. It’s a hard road, but I know it’s possible. You can reach out to me for nutrition therapy and therapy whenever you’re ready.

Hopefully, there’s something you can try from those suggestions. I’m rooting for you!

Best wishes


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